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Find new funding sources easely with the help of our plataform.

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using our app, remove geographic limitations in the search process for funding sources

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Fundraisity is an online platform to research and discover funding opportunities from all over the world. We are passionate about fundraising and technology, for this reason we decided to develop an easy-to-use platform, providing to users a cost-effective way of searching and finding funding sources.


We know that finding and getting funding is not always an easy task. Fundraisity was created to democratize fundraising and to provide a better access to funding opportunities. Our goal is to help businesses, individuals, NGOs, faith-based organizations, universities and startups get funding through the access to the best opportunities worldwide.

HOW Through a comprehensive database of funding opportunities and an extensive directory of funding sources around the world, Fundraisity is a powerful fundraising tool. Our platform allows users to research funding opportunities anywhere and anytime. Fundraisity’s databases of funding sources and opportunities are constantly growing and continuously updated.

Latest News

Checkout our blog post. We count with tons of informations write for especilized professionals. With our tips and tutorials geting grants will be a easy process.

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80 days around the world

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Search through thousands of opportunities with our tools. We offer filter’s that facilitate the process of finding the perfect opportunities in our platform.


Connect with funding sources from around the globe. We gathered and sorted thousands of funding sources leads that will help you reach your goal.


Our team is composed by professional’s with years of expertise in the most diverse fields of knowledge. With their help, you will reach your goal.


Build your personal database of funding opportunities and funding sources, based in your needs, profile and interests